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Lighting Solutions

Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

Our clients choose FRG for commercial lighting solutions because our process is proven, our customer service is unparalleled and our engineering impeccable. We aren’t committed to any one manufacturer but instead, work with all top manufacturers to deliver premier lighting solutions tailored to the needs of your facility.

Lighting Solutions for Every Business

We help companies across North America save money by reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs while improving interior and exterior lighting. At FRG, we help companies create bright, clean lighting in restaurants, commercial offices, warehouses, industrial complexes, parking lots and parking garages. Through our partner at Revolux, we also serve the unique needs of the Automotive Dealership industry.

Save Money

Replace insufficient, high-consumption lighting with environmentally friendly commercial LED lighting to expend less energy. LED lighting provides energy savings up to 85% and even 90% generating economically viable paybacks when combined with rebates provided by public utilities. Maintenance savings alone from the elimination of re-lamping often totals several thousand dollars per year depending on the fixture count.

Enhance your Facility

LED lighting provides broad-spectrum white light with accurate cut-off. Flicker-free broad spectrum light has been shown to increase productivity in office environments and can enhance security on building exteriors. LED lighting provides clearer rendering on security camera monitors over older technologies. The accurate cut-off of LED fixtures combined with FRG’s engineering expertise reduces light pollution and gives your facility a bright crisp night-time appearance that is attractive customers and a deterrent to criminals.

Based on Engineering, Experience and Testing

FRG has fifteen years of experience in the lighting industry and thousands of completed lighting installations to its credit. The rapidly changing landscape of the lighting industry requires constant diligence to stay on top of new technology. Prior to installation, every type of fixture we propose is rigorously tested in our own test bays. And our staff of electricians, lighting designers, architects, and project managers is constantly refining our methodologies to maximize energy savings while providing the best possible solutions for our customers.

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